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Thai Topaz has opened its newest location in Castle Hills, offering the same great, healthy food in a modern setting. Known as the “Home of the Spicy Mango Delight”, Thai Topaz not only serves classic Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Pad See Ewe, Tom Kha Soup, Yum Salads, and Thai Curries to introduce our guests to Thailand’s, world-renowned cuisine, but also created customer-favorite, original recipes such as the Spicy Basil Fried Rice, Emerald Salmon, Thai Topaz Broccoli and Red Curry Mussels.

The essence of our Thai cuisine lies in the spices, fresh herbs and fresh produce we grow and purchase almost daily. Herbs such as lemongrass, basil, mint, and kaffir lime leaves are grown in our garden and used in the dishes we cook-to-order for our guests. Our dishes are freshly prepared and crafted to appeal to all tastes and dietary needs (e.g. gluten-friendly, vegetarian, vegan, etc.), combining the best flavors, textures, colors and presentation.
Always focusing on healthier alternatives, we’re the first Thai restaurant in San Antonio to introduce Thai Herbal Teas, brewing herbs and flowers that are known for its natural, healing properties. To end that perfect meal with our version of a simple, “healthy/guilty” pleasure, guests can always enjoy our homemade, seasonal ice creams for dessert, which are made with real fruits such as mango, strawberry, cantaloupe, pineapple, avocado, etc.

David, engineer-turned-restaurateur, followed in his in-laws’ footsteps after managing and operating their Medical Center location and plans to continue the success they have established in San Antonio since 2005. His goal for this new location is to continue introducing the city of San Antonio to the art and flavors of Thai Cuisine but also to the Thai culture in a more upscale, modern environment at an affordable price for all to enjoy. The restaurant was created and designed with these elements in mind, from the intricate, Thai wood-carving decorations placed throughout to the intimate seating arrangement and the three private banquet rooms to accommodate small parties or meetings of six to thirty people – perfect for any special occasion and the upcoming holiday season.

2177 NW Military Hwy
Castle Hills, TX 78213
Phone: (210) 290-9833

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